Omega-3 and COVID 19

The article titled, Inflammation Resolution: A Dual-Pronged Approach to Averting Cytokine Storms in COVID-19, discusses the immune systems' “overreaction” (Cytokine Storms) and the correlation to hormones (Eicosanoids) produces from Omega-6. The most important thing about Omega 6 hormones (eicosanoids) is to keep them in balance with Omega 3 and these eicosanoids are totally controlled by the diet. Omega-6 related hormones, Eicosanoids, play a critical role in the induction of inflammation and pro-inflammatory cytokine production (immune response).

Medical researchers from the Harvard Medical School have discovered that chemical molecules called resolvins, could help prevent the cytokine storms caused by the COVID-19 disease. A paradigm shift is emerging in our understanding of the resolution of inflammation as an active biochemical process with the discovery of resolvins which “resolve” inflammatory eicosanoids.  
Resolvins are lipid mediators derived from omega-3 fatty acids and serve as the body’s natural “stop” signals to inflammation.  These medical researchers found that increasing levels of these resolvins or lipid mediators in the body could be a new therapeutic approach to preventing life-threatening inflammation caused by Covid 19.  The mediators can quickly be applied to turn off inflammation in COVID-19 patients. What makes resolvins ideal is that there are basically derived from omega-3 fatty acids that are already proven safe for human consumption, are inexpensive, easily available, and consumed.

The article adds that adequate levels of omega-3s may reduce the adverseness of the COVID-19 “eicosanoid and cytokine storms,” reducing symptoms, improving clinical outcomes, and possibly reducing deaths.  The bottom line is that this is another reason to take omega-3s, as Omega-6 related hormones, eicosanoid, balance is an important factor in optimizing host health.

The anti-inflammatory effects are vital for optimal heart, brain, and joint function. When taking omega-3’s you have to take the good stuff. Low-quality omega-3’s can contain toxins that will cause you problems.